Basic overview of Auto-5:

First off, there are three major build types, two if which I don't use but can be viable. High regen but slow, High health but slow, and glass. I use exlusively glass because the high speed helps escape bad situations that even a 02377770 build would die from. Particularly, 00067677, the Phoenix, is my favorite build.

The Auto-5 is a tank possessing five rotating autonomous turrets which move slowly around its body. Each turret has an approximately 120 degree firing angle, meaning that in general it can aim up to two guns at one specific point, with short moments where three guns will fire.

Each turret decides its firing line in one of three ways:

The first is by automation, and as the name suggests, the automatic aim on the Auto-5 is good enough that the class is at least viable just using this.

The second is left-click/spacebar, which causes all guns which can point at the mouse inside their 120 degree field to target the mouse, while the rest of the guns which can't aim in the mouse's direction continue to be automatic.

The third is right-click/shift, which causes all guns which can point in the exact opposite direction of the mouse inside their 120 degree field to point away, while the rest of the guns which can't aim away from the mouse continue to be automatic.

Due to several factors, the power of Auto-5 is a largely unexplored topic. The first reason is the fact that the name is misleading. Auto-5 has the word "auto" in it, and also when selected, it seems to like doing just that. Also, the game never even mentions that Auto-5 is controllable. And to make things better, it also looks an awful lot like what its doing is Automatic even when you do try clicking, because most of the guns will still follow automatic patterns.

Due to just this, only people who are told or happen to be one of the rare few who notice this feature even discover the left-click control.

But Auto-5's right-click is way more rarely known than even its left-click, because of several reasons. The first is that very few people even think to test for a right-click on a gunnery class because the guns are not really drones, and people mainly associate right-click with drone classes, or the predator which specifically tells you how to right click. Also, if someone does use right-click, especially while moving, it usually looks so random that it could be mistaken easily for automatic fire. Also, the back guns continue to fire randomly as well, adding to the illusion that the right-click had no effect for most people.

Now for a short list of techniques available to auto-5, which I will update as I find/use them.

Wingspan: This technique is designed to confuse and trick enemies by forcing auto-5 to not do the only thing everyone expects it to do: Shoot at people.

In order to use this technique, you need to place your cursor between two of your autoguns on the border of your tank, and use the repel. Done correctly, all 5 guns should be forced into firing in a spread formation which only fires on one half of the screen.

This is the end result.

2017-01-27 22h50 37

When using this, you can move in any one direction without firing in that direction, allowing for plenty of tricks such as location faking.

When moving at high speed with this technique, note that you will need to shift your mouse slightly in the direction you are moving to make the technique function, this shift seems annoying at first but with some practice becomes easy to deal with.

Also, if you move specifically towards the direction you are not firing, the positive recoil will cause the Auto-5 to move at a significantly greater speed than usual, which can be used for running away from or towards situations after a while.

Fireball: This technique/strategy is designed for fighting other bullet spammers/autotanks, particularly slow ones although it can work against fast ones too in come cases.

The idea behind this technique is to point your mouse in the direction you are moving and hold repel. This will give you constant forward recoil, while still allowing your front guns to target an enemy. When you see a spammer, try to run parallel to its fire so that your frontal autoguns can target it while it can't see you enough to even attempt to aim, on top of the fact that your greater speed and dodging pattern make it difficult to hit you even if the enemy does see you.

Done correctly, it should look something like this. Notice the back guns are devoted to recoil rather than shooting the squares behind them, while the front guns can aim in whatever direction they want (which is usually an enemy since they "prefer" players over shapes.

2017-01-27 22h52 55

Flamethrower: This technique is a powerful elongated fight type move designed simply to hit the enemy.

Using the repel, you must make a midsize spread (have the mouse fairly close to the tank) and slide sideways while pointing this repel towards the enemy's general direction. Due to the properties of moving tanks, the bullets on the side of the movement will seem compressed to the enemy, and act like a moving wall which is almost guaranteed to at least touch the enemy when mastered. It is also very good for insuring the enemy cannot super-regen, or hitting enemies outside the autofire range.

Done correctly, it should look a bit like this:

2017-01-27 22h54 29

Riding The Wind: This technique is designed to allow you to strike enemies way out of your auto-range when near the center.

The basic idea is to avoid shooting a set of crashers on the edge of your screen, then when you see them move, allow your autofire to lock onto the crashers, causing the bullets to fly towards whatever the crashers are flying towards. This requires a good bit of practice and prediction, but it is a good way to injure or kill players who are overconfident in attacking the center while it's well stocked. (Also, the autoguns prefer crashers over pentagons, so pentagons should not disrupt your aim as long as they are not directly in the way)

Heat Ray: This technique is for mainly defensive purposes when a powerful spammer happens to fire a set of undodgeable shots at you.

You perform the Heat Ray by using your repel from about halfway between your tank and the screen edge, while shifting in order to fire three guns towards the enemy. The idea is to point firepower from all sections of your tank at the enemy so that shots which would hit the edge of your tank undamaged normally instead have to break through firepower before hitting.

Next up, a survival guide. (Because survival is always fun with a glass cannon)

Auto-5, while it is capable of fighting virtually any enemy in the entire game, and is also capable of running very quickly, is still at heart a glass cannon tank with limited defense, and very little chance of surviving a deadly bullet hell. Therefore, it is necessary to play the Auto-5 with care in order to best avoid situations of certain death.

The only way for Auto-5 to die is to take several hits, and the only way to do that is to have your movement restricted. Therefore, survival is a simple game of making sure there is always an escape route. Doing this is very easy in TDM, just stay near your base. In FFA it is a bit harder, and in Maze its much harder.

The Auto-5 has two major parts to its defenses, the autofire line and the maximum range line.

The autofire circle is the range where any and all enemies within its range will be forced to defend themselves or move. The act of forcing a responce is hugely helpful against some enemies such as rammers, but often bad against power spammers who will point at you to block your shots, leading to up close and personal blastings.

The maximum range circle is much larger, but can't be acted in unless you fire in that direction. Enemies in your maximum range but not in autofire range are rarely a threat, because their bullets will be too slow to hit you by the time they reach you.

Therefore, the best way to avoid getting surrounded is to use human aim to scour the edges of your maximum range circle, discouraging people from being close while also not putting you at too much risk. That way, when you are forced to engage in high speed combat, you are much less likely to end up surrounded.

Another important survival tip is to understand the fill-up concept: The more enemies you allow to live, the more likely you are to end up getting killed later. So when given the opportunity, it is almost always worth it to chase down and take out enemies, even if it will take a lot of work. (for example, attempting to corner an injured fighter)

Because, you are much more likely to survive after being hit by a few weakened fighter bullets which might hit if you chase than you are to survive a fighter and a spreadshot teaming on you if you let the fighter live.

Back to techniques because survival is boring.

Silent Flicker: This is a technique designed for complex 1v1 situations in order to gain an information advantage.

When using the Wingspan technique to hide your position, quickly release right-click/shift for an instant, and watch where the turrets go. If you do it fast enough, their tracking will show you the location of a slightly offscreen enemy, without firing a bullet at them. This technique requires excellent timing and control, but when pulled off it can give a huge combat advantage.

Recalibration: This is a simple trick to make your turrets lock onto players within their range.

If your guns are distracted, and a player enters your circle of influence which isn't getting shot at, simply put your mouse in the middle of your tank and press shift/right-click once to cause the turrets to forget their previous target and select a new one. If the enemy is a chaser such as a rammer or fighter, repeatedly doing this will help guns which rotate towards the enemy start firing faster as well.

This technique is also the most effective searching trick, because using it continuously as you move, if the guns recalibrate to fire at a shape, you know for certain no one is above/below you within autofire range.

This is also the #1 trick for players who are using Auto-5 without a mouse, if you are trying to play based off of just autofire, using Recalibration is still easy even for a trackpad user, and it is often helpful in autofire dependent situations. (This is the technique I use most often out of all of them)

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